Element Animation
Type Private
Industry Animation
Founded 2010
Headquarters Scunthorpe, England
Product(s) Web videos
Number of employees 7+
Website (currently redirects to YouTube channel)
Channel [1]
Joined September 30, 2010
Number of subscribers 1,800,000+
Facebook elementanimation
Twitter @TheCrackEA
Skype elementanimation

Element Animation is a team that produces comedy animations on the video-sharing site, YouTube. Their main show, The Crack!, stars the employees of Element Animation going on adventures in The Kitchen in 'egg' form, featuring: Jason, Dan, and Chrisi. All of their videos are usually around the length of 2-5 minutes. They're mostly famous for their own hit miniseries, An Egg's Guide to Minecraft.


In college, Danny Lloyd took a visual arts course that included a section on 3-D animation. He later met Jason Sargeant and Christine Atkin who all three then co-founded Element Animation.

Element Animation uploaded their first video to YouTube on October 4, 2010 titled, YOLK! Teaser Trailer. However, the team removed the video for being "terrible." YOLK! then was renamed to what is now know as The Crack!.

Element Animation finally published their first episode of The Crack!, The Hunt for Ninjas, on January 16, 2011. For The Crack! episode, Psycho!, they hired a voice actor named Scott Stoked to do the voice of the narrator. Scott had been doing additional voices for Element Animation ever since until his death.

Started in 2011, Element Animation collaborated with other YouTubers such as: Charlie McDonnell, Joel Berghult, Alfie Reyes, Zach King, and Sam Pepper, to come guest star on The Crack! to share viewership across all channels. A year later after they published The Hunt for Ninjas, Element Animation uploaded the season finale of The Crack!, The End.

Other than working on the new season of The Crack!, the team decided to work on a new series titled, An Egg's Guide to Minecraft, starring Jason as himself and Scott as Steve. Element Animation also collaborated with Seth Hendrickson to work on Bite-Sized Minecraft around the time. On July 29, 2012, Element Animation launched their own Minecraft Server for players to join on.

Element Animation created a second YouTube channel simply named, Element Animation 2, on March 23, 2013.

Around July of 2013, the team uploaded a parody of "500 Miles" by The Proclaimers titled, 500 Chunks. Element Animation later got a copyright claim from the music group and the parody was removed from public viewing.

For Element Animation's 900,000 Subscribers Special, they were giving away a goody bag. The person who won the goody bag goes by the YouTube screen name, smokey750, for posting a comment on the winning video that the Element Animation team liked. However, smokey750 didn't responded back to Element Animation regarding the bag.